Rob Nowicki

MANCO Member

Rob Nowicki is the founder of NowHR and has been actively involved in the design, development and implementation of various payroll, HR and Tax application for over forty years, both locally and internationally.

He was a founder of one of the first PC based Payroll/HR applications in South Africa and also pioneered the concept of cloud-based Payroll/HR services, with the launch of PSIberWORKS in 2000.  Using PSIber technology, Rob and a partner (Accenture), established a facility called, a service which enabled taxpayers to complete various tax forms and make associated tax payments directly to SARS via the internet from anywhere in the world.  This service was runner up in the SA Public Service Innovation Awards during 2002.  The service later, through a merger with Tax Break, became the foundation for the highly successful SARS efiling service which today boasts many millions of users and which processes in excess of 15 million financial transactions for SARS per annum.

Rob continues to be very active on the professional speaker circuit where he regularly presents papers and seminars on Employees Tax, cloud-based computing, Payroll/HR practices, and many other employment and legislation-related topics.

Over and above his extensive management and technology experience he has been actively involved with many development and brand building initiatives within the Information Technology industry, particularly related to the payment and management of employees in the workplace.