Our Member Benefits

Newsletters and Newsflashes:

The PAGSA plays an essential communication role between its members and the statutory bodies in the form of in-depth Newsletters and hot-off-the-press Newsflashes.

These communications will keep you up to date with events as they happen in an employment world that is characterised by rapidly changing requirements.  They are written in plain English, are practical and down-to-earth, and will keep you up to date and assist you to understand and comply with the latest requirements.

Seminars and Workshops

In association with our statutory partners, the PAGSA presents seminars and workshops from time to time that focus on employment-related topics that are of practical importance to payroll suppliers, tax practitioners, and employers.

Members received generous discounts for attendance of the PAGSA’s seminars.

Legislation Proposals and Comments

Your company can make use of the PAGSA’s established communication channels with the statutory bodies.

This means that you can make proposals to change legislation, to comment on draft legislation as it rolls out, and to add your voice to our efforts to streamline payroll administration processes that are unnecessarily complex


Advertise your Membership of the PAGSA. You will be issued with a membership badge for the year as soon as your fees for the year are paid.  This badge can be displayed on your website to advertise your membership of a long-standing and highly regarded employment organisation.


Types of Membership the PAGSA has to offer

We offer the following 2 membership types:

  • Payroll Authors are Companies that develop, implement and support computerised Payroll systems and are more commonly known as the Payroll Provider companies.
  • Associates are Companies or Individuals who deals with payroll related processing or matters on a daily basis and are more commonly known as Employers.


What are the Benefits of being a member of the PAGSA?

Newsletters that keep members up to date and provide insightful commentary on practical issues
Newsflash notification when urgent legal or operational information has to be issued to members
Bi-annual Information Sessions presented by legislation experts on topical areas of importance
Statutory bodies provide special testing facilities to PAGSA members when the systems change
Access to a highly qualified email query service for assistance
Being in a position to submit proposals to shape future legislation and operational requirements
Online access to a database of Frequently Asked Questions
Membership of a recognised and respected industry representative body that looks after your interests as a supplier of computerised payroll systems.

Why Choose The PAGSA?


Established in 1989 with SARS encouragement and support
Constitution approved by SARS
Represents the payroll industry in all discussions with the relevant statutory bodies
Influences both current and future legislation, as well as operational requirements

Membership Information