SARS Request for Information – API Technology for Tax Certificate Submissions
Refer to PAGSA NF 2023-17 ‘Monthly Tax Certificates – Heads-up’ for background to the SARS intention to modernise the technical capability of their systems.
As far as payrolls and employers are concerned, this will result in the requirement to submit monthly tax certificates to SARS as opposed to the current bi-annual submission requirement.
On 22 May 2023 SARS issued a RFI (Request for Information) asking for feedback from PAGSA payroll supplier members on their ability and their appetite to introduce API (Application Program Interface) technology into their payroll systems as an alternative method of submitting tax certificates to SARS in the future.
The introduction to the SARS RFI reads as follows:

SARS requested a response from the PAGSA by 5 June 2023.
Unfortunately the questions in the RFI were focused on both payroll suppliers and on your clients (employers). Within the time frame, it was impossible for payroll members to request information from their clients that would no doubt require technical explanation, to analise the response and send the consolidated feedback to the PAGSA for on-sending to SARS.
A further complication was that the numbers of your clients was requested, which is confidential information.
After some discussions between the PAGSA and SARS, it was agreed to reduce the scope of the survey to include only the PAGSA payroll supplier members, and to limit the questions to the following:
1.As a payroll supplier member, if an API channel was made available, would your company make the necessary changes to your payroll system(s) to allow your clients to make use of the new submission channel option?
Please answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and add a short comment if you want to.
2.If your payroll system(s) made the API submission channel available in the future, estimate as best possible the percentage of your client base that you anticipate would make use of the new submission channel.
Can I ask that on behalf of your company, you URGENTLY submit your response to the above two questions by email directly to Admin@Pagsa.org.za for Rhona’s attention by no later than close of business Wednesday 7 June 2023.

Rob Cooper
Chairman Payroll Authors Group of South Africa
All information provided by the PAGSA is subject to our DISCLAIMER.

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