EMP501 Reconciliation Submission issue
SARS has confirmed that they experience a system issue with regards to the pre-population of the EMP201 declared liabilities on the EMP501 return.
As this is an urgent issued to be fixed, SARS has confirmed that this issued will be fixed before Monday next week.
Details of the issue
When trying to submit the completed EMP501 to SARS and error (ERROR 0001) is experience indicating that that no EMP201 returns were submitted for the reconciliation period.
A letter is also issued by SARS which reads as follow:

This error is experienced although the monthly EMP201 returns have been submitted to SARS. However, the system does not pre-populate the EMP201 figures to the EMP501 return which results in this error.
If you are experience this error and have submitted your monthly EMP201 returns, please refrain from submitting until next week when SARS has fixed this error.

Rhona van Taak
Admin manager: Payroll Authors Group of South Africa
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