e@syFile BETA Testing (2nd phase)
The first BETA version for testing of the e@syFile software (BETA version) application before its release to the general market in September 2022, was released by SARS last week.
A new version of the BETA software was released on Friday. Please download the new version for testing purposes.
The BETA test version was released and the build can be downloaded from the following link:
Username & Password: The login credentials are the same as that used for the previous BETA version.
Duruing the testing, members have identified the following issues:
ISSUE 1: A duplication of certain information was found on the printed version of the tax certificate.

SARS Response: There is currently only one format for the certificate being generated that conforms to all submission channels (eFiling/E@syfile/Manual).  This will be changed in the future to cater for each channel separately but due to time constraints will remain as is for this Filing Season.
ISSUE 2: The income tax reference number of the employee has always been mandatory, but employers were always able to submit without the income tax reference numbers (with a warnings). The field has now changed to be ‘conditional’ and mandatory in specific scenarios, whereas previous years it was just mandatory. The conditional scenarios provides errors if the certificate is an IT3(a).
SARS Response: A new BETA build will be released asap to address this issue.  Communication will be issued.
ISSUE 3: An error occurs in e@syFile if the employee has 4 directive numbers. If the employee has 3 or less directive numbers, or 5 directive numbers then there are no errors. This is only experience in cases where there is 4 directive numbers.
SARS Response: SARS will investigate and advise soon.
Testing should be concluded on 15 September 2022 after which the testing window will close.
Error reporting: Please continue to email the errors to admin@pagsa.org.za as instructed in newsflash 35 of 2022.
Rhona van Taak
Admin manager: Payroll Authors Group of South Africa
All information provided by the PAGSA is subject to our DISCLAIMER

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