e@syFile BETA Testing (1st phase)
SARS has issued a notice with regards to the testing of the updated e@syFile software (BETA version) application before its release to the general market in September 2022.
All online functionality has been disabled in order to prevent inadvertent submission of test data into SARS production environment, therefore, certain menu options have been disabled and the test application will default to offline mode as a fail-safe.
Testing should commence tomorrow 16 August 2022 and be concluded on 15 September 2022 after which the testing window will close.
The link: The BETA test version was released and the build can be downloaded from the following link:
Please note that this link is confidential and only available to PAGSA full members for testing purposes. In order to protect its confidential status, SARS request that you do not share this link.
The BRS: The PAYE BRS for the Employer Interim Reconciliation submission period 202108 is available on the SARS website: PAYE  BRS V21.1 
Username & Password: The username and password will be sent to you when an SMS with your company name is received on (072) 680 8337.
Error reporting: Email the following details of the error to admin@pagsa.org.za
1.Make your description of the problem as short as possible, but good enough for SARS to understand the problem.
2.Add screen prints where necessary of the error to the email.
3.Add the CSV file where the error relates to the information supplied in a CSV file.

Rhona van Taak
Admin manager: Payroll Authors Group of South Africa
All information provided by the PAGSA is subject to our DISCLAIMER

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