SARS Tax Directive issued date error
SARS has confirmed that the Employment Tax Validation (ETV) report with the error relating to the issue date of the directive, should be ignored, in cases where the employer has completed the correct directive issued date in the specified fields.
The directive issue date should be the date SARS has issued the directive and NOT the accrual of application date.
Confirmation by SARS follows below:

From: Karin Smit
Sent: Friday, 27 May 2022 15:32
Subject: Employer Filing Season 2022 – Warning Message
Dear Stakeholders
It has been brought to my attention that in the submission of the EMP501’s in instances where a directive was issued on eFiling and the directive is validated there are examples where, even though the date on IRP5 is the same as the date of the letter of directive, an error message is given which states “Employment Taxes failed validation file: Invalid directive date issued”
SARS advises that this error can be ignored.
It should be noted that this impacts a very limited number of submissions.
With warm regards
Karin Smit
Stakeholder Relations – Private Sector

Rhona van Taak
Admin Manager Payroll Authors Group of South Africa
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